Oceanside holiday direct from owner
Holiday bungalow rental
1 Bedroom
1 bathroom
sleeps 2
50 Meters from sea
Each bungalow has a separate bedroom with A/C .
Confortably furnished,,equipped with TV,kichenette,bathroom,a barbecue and terrace
The bungalow can accomodate 2 adults
Scuba diving,
water sking ,close by
The Beaches
Meeting place for surfers.The first half of the beach is for families,
blond sand beaches with picnic tables,attractions,ect....
Rates 496 Euros per week
Car rental possible at very moderate pricing
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E-Mail me
What to bring
Light relaxed summer clothing is certainly a must, a few dressy outfits for the evenings.
A good pair of walking shoes or sneakers and something in case of rain
Bathing suits and sunglasses should also be part of one's packing list,and dont forget,you can always purchase a pretty straw hat or anything else you might need in the one of the many lovely boutiques.
Local drugstores offer an array of mosquito repellant and sun protection lotions
Foreigners benefit from a 20%  tax rebate in the Duty Free Shop.

                  ...And it'll still be summer,when summer finishes....

Important note : The correct dialing procedure out of the United States for Martinique is :  011(596 696 89 86 86 )  portable Phone
From Martinique dial 0696 89 86 86
Intérieur bungalow N° 1
Bungalow n° 1
Bungalow n° 1
Bungalow n° 3
The beach is so close,shoes are strictly optional
Bungalow Tartane Caravelle Martinique
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